Per-Anders Hübner (Sweden) Personal exhibition of artistic bookbinding

Skilful thoroughness and noble materials, modernart forms and complex technology of the old artmake these bindings eloquent art objects. One moregoal of the exhibition is to promote theconsideration of what a bibliophilic book is and tolook at not only HOW and WHAT is being boundand why but to indirectly and implicitly open theinside of a book and to feel the totality of text,image, the printing, the binding and to see them asequal and interoperable components. Artisticbookbinding is inseparable from a bibliophilicbook.To produce excellent and good quality artisticworks of bookbinding, printings which are worth ofsuch binding have to come into being first. Oldbooks gain the bibliophilic value all by themselves,and bibliophilic publications aim at gaining suchvalue consciously and purposefully. For this reason,a lot of attention is devoted to the selection of atext, printing, materials and artistic typography. The uniqueness and rarity is determined by lowcirculation, sophisticated, elaborate and sometimeshand-made techniques. Bibliophilic books entail thedesire to integrate the uniqueness, rarity andexclusiveness of a book, all of which have been lostin times of mass production, and to experience thesame strong and mysterious effect of a book whichcan be achieved by centenarian books. Bibliophilicpublications embrace the longing for old books. Itis the eternity of text. Art critic Rūta Taukinaitytė Narbutienė