7th international exhibition of artistic bookbinding “Knyga/Book”

A very important event related to books which is particularly significant for the community of book-binders is to take place after a long break, namely, the 7th international artistic bookbinding exhibition “Knyga / Book“. The participants of the exhibition arrive from Estonia, Latvia, Canada, Japan, Germany and Lithuania. Just like before, the requirement is set for the size of a book. It must not be big – its longest edge cannot exceed 15 cm. However, unlike before, this is the first time where specifically for this event Kristijonas Donelaitis’ poem “Metai” (author of the first Lithuanian poem) was published and distributed among the participants. To print the publication Apches expression velour 120 g/m2, 100% cotton paper was used. The size of the book: 15×15 cm. In this way, the craft of bookbinding is returned its direct function, namely, to preserve a book, i.e. the text, and the author has to meet the most challenging condition, that is to adapt to and fulfil it. Emphasis is put on a specific chosen text which becomes a reference to the national cultural values stressing the search for the Lithuanian identity and the pursuit of unity. At the same time, this epic of the Lithuanian literature is disseminated throughout the world. The fact that the participants are provided with a specific printing (not the topic) makes it sure that we will see some new, never-before-seen works. All this will allow the visitors to familiarise themselves with the latest creations of the authors and with the global trends of modern artistic bookbinding.